Exploration Areas




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SCG is exploring opportunities in the following areas:

Energy Storage

As the world considers how to establish a path towards limiting the rise in global temperatures by curbing emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG), it is widely recognised that the power generation sector has a central role to play. As the global transitions to decarbonized energy systems, emerging long-duration energy storage technologies will be critical for supporting the widescale deployment of renewable energy sources. SCGC is dedicated to reducing greenhouse gas emissions both directly and indirectly by increasing the proportion of clean energy consumption and energy usage efficiency and developing low-carbon-footprint products to establish a low-carbon economy from manufacturer to customer to consumer. Furthermore, it intends to build partnerships to keep a global temperature rise under 1.5 degrees Celsius in accordance with the Paris Agreement, as well as to reach the target of carbon neutrality by 2050.

Health and Medical Solutions 

Innovation and development of medical innovation is a significant and challenging mission at SCGC. However, it is not beyond SCGC's commitment and capacity to achieve. SCGC has worked closely and continuously with medical professionals and business partners to design innovative medicine that extends the use of existing medical devices to be more efficient and safer. 

  • SCGC innovates and develops chemical innovations in the field of health and wellbeing to meet the needs of improving everyone's quality of life in the future and to boost the country's economic competitiveness.
  • An increase in the middle-class and senior population has resulted in greater attention to health and well-being. SCGC innovates and develops chemical innovations and solutions to address the demands of proactive prevention.